Galerie Fantoosh

Fantoosh:  If something or someone is being described as being fantoosh it means that they, or it, is overdressed, ultra fashionable, over-ornamented, too fancy. Just downright over the top.

Galerie Fantoosh is made up of Woolie Fantoosh and Gallery Fantoosh, forming roughly half of our shop.

In the gallery we have collected an eclectic mix of modern and antique arts & crafts, paintings, bronzes, glass, ceramics, pens & iInkwells, jewellery, bags, plus a range of hats and other items.

For Woolie Fantoosh, Cath Duguid makes a range of unique hats, each hand made using only the finest materials, and each carrying her trademark pewter badge. The individual hats range from simple beanies to complex felted hats with fabulous adornments. Commissions can be arranged with enough notice.

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